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Socio-Educative Center for People with Disabilities

Socio – Educative Center for People with Disabilities intends to respond to the needs of people with disabilities who live in Trapani, integrating them in the organizations that have already provided strategy for D50 District. The Center builds cooperation with: City Social Service (Servizi Sociali del Comune), centers for rehabilitation, health care institutions, educational institutions, voluntary associations, and with the organizations that have already helped people with disabilities. Aim of the center is to become “the bridge” which would support cooperation among the social and health-care institutions as well as among the socio-health and educational centers. This activity could have positive impact on people with disabilities, on family system, but on complete sociological and territorial context in which this activity exists.


The Center supports socio – psycho – educational activity of an individual in order to rehabilitate residual physical and intellectual capacities, and to increase social integration. There is specific plan with specific interventions for each user, in order to promote personal development and different levels of personal autonomy (educational, professional, and social), respecting capacities and previous results of an individual. The team of the multidisciplinary center, in cooperation with our partners, makes individual plans, defining activities and results that should be done.

Social-Educative Center for People with Disabilities organizes different activities in order to promote socialization, expressive skills, handiwork, development of motor skills, development of self-consciousness and self-acceptance, possibilities and limitations.   

Some activities support team-work, exchanging of knowledge, experiences and emotions. These activities offer to the participants’ cooperation in easier way.

  1. Users of interventions

Social-Educative Center was created for people with disabilities, according to the Statute No. 104/1992. The participants could be the persons with weakened sensory ability, psycho-motor or psycho-physical abilities. The participants could belong to different age, economical and educational groups.

  1. Duration of the activity

Service is active three days per week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday – between 15 and 20h.   

Socio-Educative Center for Children

Trapani City, cooperating with its institutions, tries to provide support and solidarity with the weakest and financially the most vulnerable people. For this purpose, it’s initiated the project Aurora with the view to:

  • Create and increase cultural and educational intervention, supporting inclusive education of children and youth in the need, through making different courses;
  • Realize activities that make easier communication and studying (school of life);
  • Carry out flexible educational programs that are adapted to the needs of children and their families;
  • Promote personal development that provides socio-family reintegration;  
  • Work, motivating the children to develop their own ideas;
  • Create the system of respecting and evaluating different culture and background;
  • Provide to a child experience that would make him independent in selecting priorities;
  • Support exchange of experience among children and adults.

The project is open 5 days per week, from Monday to Friday, from 3:30pm to 7:30pm. The appointments are organized after the school.

All these values require special analytical steps like:

  • Implementation of educational interventions to provide the rights to education and educational integration;
  • Offering possibility to meet the educational ambient;
  • Giving opportunity to find information and to be included in the workshops;
  • Making mutual trust to promote the socialization of children with the peers and with the adults;
  • Facilitating of studying;
  • Development of interests;
  • Easier integration of the youth in the smaller and bigger group activities;
  • Supporting of self-respecting and self-confidence;
  • Meeting and exchanging of experience between home and school;
  • Supporting education on emotional-rational basis.

Cohesion element of different forms is manifested through different cooperators (partners) who are constantly included in the context of organizational and relational school.

Multifunctional Center

Multifunctional Center for the Cultural Mediation and Fight against Poverty

Street Antonio Esposito No. 5 and Street Nassiria No. 4 – Trapani

From 2008, the Center provides different favors for the emigrants of different nationalities and for poor people as well. The volunteers, free professionals and experts for this field help the Center. 

The Center is open every Monday from 4-6pm and every Wednesday from 9-11am. 


  • Social secretary;
  • Legal advices;
  • Protection;
  • Working mediation;
  • Cultural mediation.

E-MAIL:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TELEFONO: 3335099715